The easy to assemble escalator system

The innovative design of the EME escalator is characterised by its modular construction. With the certified EME technology, modernising your escalators is easy. Transport, site, passenger and visitor traffic, and downtime constraints disappear when you opt for the EME.

The EME modular escalator is the solution to your modernisation. Safety, technicality and durability are our credo.


easy and fast installation

An EME escalator impresses with its modular system: Consisting of modules already prefabricated at the factory, the escalator is assembled directly at its place of use. The installation of your EME takes place discreetly, efficiently and with the shortest possible downtime. Installation can take place during ongoing business operations.


Thanks to our innovative Keeping-Truss modular technology, your EME is inserted into the existing substructure. The original step width of 600/800/1000mm is retained and the new escalator forms a static unit that transfers the dynamic load to the building structure at both ends. No new static calculations are necessary.

short downtime
installation during ongoing business operations
easy transport and handling of the modules

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installation in difficult room situations

The low weight of max. 1,000kg and the compact size of the modules with a maximum length/width of 2,400mm not only enable faster and more cost-effective delivery, but also make transport within the building significantly easier.

1.000 kg

maximum weight per module

2.400 mm

maximum length/width

EME in detail

customized to your requirements

Depending on the place of use, escalators are exposed to different loads. We produce your EME according to your requirements. Whether it’s a basic model for department stores, a semi-HD type or a HD traffic staircase, we equip your escalator according to your wishes

clean modernization with energy-efficient drive

Your EME escalator consists of the latest generation of drives. Thanks to our PLC control at SIL 3 level and an auxiliary brake, the latest requirements of DIN EN 115 are exceeded. By using high-quality materials, you get a durable and efficient escalator with low energy consumption.


your advantages

  • Energy efficient drive
  • Cost-effective transport
  • Clean modernisation

Escalator control with optimized control processes

Based on a high-tech PLC control system, long-term and safe operation of the EME escalator is guaranteed. The well thought-out processes and automations are gentle on materials and the use of quality components means that you get a high-quality overall product.

The newly developed and patented synchronous handrail finally grants a synchronized running speed between handrail and steps.


your advantages

  • Material-friendly processes
  • High-quality components
  • Comfortable operation due to synchronized handrail

modernize without redesigning

The installation of the EME escalators is minimally invasive and does not interfere with the building structure. This means that the cladding and interior architecture remain unaffected and complementary systems such as fire extinguishing equipment can continue to be used. Even the construction site is realised in the smallest possible space, so that neither sales space in shopping centres nor platform space at stations is restricted during installation. There is also no need for costly optical reconditioning of the construction site.

your advantages

  • Design and architecture remain
  • Construction site area limited to 3-4m
  • No redesign necessary

EME exceeds EU safety standards

The patented braking system, which prevents uncontrolled movement of the unbraked step belt in the event of motor drive chain breakage by using an additional brake, is unique on the market. Certified by liftinstituut Amsterdam, it exceeds DIN EN 115-2.

The additional brake is not only a fixed component of the EME escalator. Thanks to a specially developed retrofit set, it can also be installed in existing systems. In this way, your escalators comply with all the required safety standards that are to be expected in the future.

The EME europe group offers first-hand service and consulting.

EME was developed by a strong team that has been servicing escalators throughout Europe for many years. The combined experience flowed into the design of the new type of escalator, which convinces with its sophisticated features and high-quality components.

Our international cooperation partners are available to you as experienced contacts in their respective areas, from consulting to installation and maintenance.

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